miércoles, agosto 11, 2004

Remember Tenochtitlan!

Remember Tenochtitlan! As an echo to the glorious Texan motto, “Remember the Alamo”, our community has the need to connect with our common indigenous roots by remembering this Friday August 13th the 483rd anniversary of the fall of Mexíco-Tenochtitlan, capital of the Mexica (Aztec) people.
This necessity to link ourselves with our ancestors comes from the fact that we need to discover our prime roots from where we once stood into civilization, until the light of wisdom was darkened with the conquest and systematic cultural annihilation made by the Spaniards.
The fall and later occupation of Tenochtitlan was physical and cultural. The physical is represented by the men and women who stood up against invading forces. Weather they were civilians or warriors, all gave their best by gloriously protecting their families and cultural heritage. The cultural invasion was implemented when they buried our millennia-long knowledge.
Today we must “Remember Tenochtitlan” as proud descendants of those who once suffered under Cortez nightmarish attack, but with honor never surrendered as once did our beloved tlahtoani (ruler) Cuauhtemoc.
Learn the valor, courage, and intense determination our ancestors once had during times of horror and distress. Let the Mexica spirit make us triumph over adversity, as once the Alamo boosted Texan morale into all-out victory.