miércoles, diciembre 14, 2005

Tonantzin Coatlicue Toci and the little angel.

Tonantzin Coatlicue Toci and the little angel.

It is true, our respected Tonantzin appeared at the hill of Tepeyacac, not only during the times where establishing here, but centuries before. People in Mexico City has a great appreciation for her. In front of the bottom stairs of Tenochitlan's Huey Teocalli, templo mayor, at Mexico City's heart people still shout: "Viva Tonantzin Coatlicue Toci". People are not followng Tonantzin as any Catholic will.

It is strange nobody has mentioned the significance of the little angel. Although it is said correctly that the painting has arab influences, you just have to examine the name Guadalupe, which is an arab name for the river in Spain where the Virgin Mary appeared. But under the painting, under that European madonna, lies the real Tonantzin. I've seen her real face, it is not only Mexican but also far more beautiful than the one that was painted by the tlacuilo Marcos. What the Spanish friars didn't like was that the miracle, which it really happened, was made by that pretty Mexican lady that appeared in Cuauhtlatoatzin's tilmatli. They knew it was Tonantzin, and it has been stated by many, including Torquemada. But bishop Zumarraga ordered to hide the real face, the brown face, the face of Tonantzin that she put forth. So the Spaniards comissioned Marcos, an indigenous tlacuilo or painter, to paint over the original. The elements that appeared were also painted over or transformed according to European painting style and cannons.

Hence we have the angel. But... it is not an angel. Try to see the image with our indigenous eyes, it does not matter if the image is Eurocentric. Try to see it as any of our ancestors in the Precuauhtemic era would see it. Do you still see an angel? Or are you now seeing an eagle? Again, if you see it with our own indigenous eyes, with our indigenous painting style in mind, what you would be seeing is an Eagle, probably descending or maybe rising. According to Mariano Leyva and many indigenous communities in Mexico, the angel is no angel, but Cuauhtemoc!

It can make sense if you remember the following: Mexico-Tenochtitlan fell under the rule of the Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation (Holy Roman Empire). The ruler of the Mexica nation was not anymore at Lake Tetzcoco, but in Europe, Charles V. Our indigenous ancestors felt unprotected, for their languages were replaced by Español, their culture mocked, their traditions stompped, their cities leveled to the ground, their whole world was being destroyed. And then Tonantzin appeared, promising to protect us from the difficulties that lied ahead. But amid that promise, the image of the eagle appeared under her. An eagle that will return, for Tonantzin said everything will return to its place at some point in the future.

Is Tonantzin the key for the return of Anahuac? Is that the reason why Mexicans still follow Tonantzin, not minding what her name currently is? Something irradiates from Tonantzin that unites every Mexican; it is something not religous or political, but spiritual and motherly.