lunes, marzo 07, 2005

My commentary discussed at Art Bell's US national radio

I just submitted a commentary to US radio show Coast to Coast AM with famed Art Bell through their Fast Blast system at their website. Few minutes later, Art Bell himself actually read it live on the radio, and Rober Zimmerman himself answered.

The topic emerged when guest Robert Zimmerman noted to Art Bell that the Moon, when it becomes colonized by human beings, will be controled by the United States to the point that moon colonizers will become US citizens. He says that currently the Moon is somewhat of a United Nations' controlled territory. There's a law at the UN, that specifies no nation or flag to our natural satellite. Yet, Robert argues that this law may go to oblivion once the US gains sufficient technology and population to create cities at the Moon.

When I heard that, I thought it was unfair, plain and simple. And although I knew he was somewhat right of what it will actually happen, it sounded so different from original Robert Zimmerman. ¿Moon colonizers dependant of Earthly nations? The urge to express myself emerged, and was conducted through the Coast to Coast AM website. I Fast Blasted Art, and just continued doing my things. There was a commercial. When they came back, few minutes transcurred and Art Bell just suddenly read my message. Art was interested, since I said something like "...Moon colonizers would not be Earthlings, but Moon Colonizers, the free people of the Moon." Or something like that.

If you're suscribed to Coast to Coast AM online, you can listen today's show. As I am writing this post, the radio show it's still on.