domingo, enero 15, 2006

Dangerous Right-winged on Mexico's top positions.

The fascist right-wing has been gaining considerable space and power among the higher spheres of politics and bussiness in Mexico. What does this means? This means that a close group of White Christian Rich people has been setting the rules of the game in Mexico. Under these rules, designed by misterious sect-like groups like "El Yunque", among others based in Guanajuato state, the bussiness class wants to rule over the economical dead corpses of el pueblo, the people. Some members of this erie groups have positioned themselves in top governmental levels.

Officially white folks are calling the shots.

Usually we, who are fighting for the revival of Anahuac our real patria, say that White men destroyed and usurped our lands, resources, and tried to shatter our historical memory, our Precuauhtemic culture. And it is certainly true. But this time it has been documented by mainstream political magazines and reporters at large.

It is no secret that Vicente Fox is an open Catholic. When he went to power in 2000, he said he would find the best men to form his cabinet. Those men never came, so instead Fox called for his buddies, all of them White Bussiness oriented radical catholics. With the exception of some few, like Xochitl Galvez, who argues is an indigena, while she eats at the best restaurants and do nothing for the people.

Misterious Catholic extremists like the Legionarios de Cristo (Christ's Legionaries), involved in many crimes, has being known to be the master puppeter behind Fox's government. Other groups like El Yunque, has been documented to prepapre their members, which have to change their names into code names, by having a good Christian formation, having knowledge to control groups of people, and training in handling fire weapons. Almost like a paramilitary group, yet this are arms that descend from Vicente Fox's government. Since Fox and other government secretaries have duties to these organizations, they basically follow El Yunque's or Legionarios the Cristo's agenda.

What is the agenda?

Control of the masses. The masses is the regular Mexican, with indigenous blood or looks. They want to create in every Mexican an extremely Westernized person. Such "progress" and "Christian life" involves destroying our past, leaving our indigenous history into oblivion. They also want to impose the Eurocentric ideals into Mexican population. But at the same time ensuring everyone stays poor for several reasons, mainly to control and/or expell the poorest into the United States as illegal immigrants. They want to get rid of the brown Mexicans, and stay with the White bussiness-oriented Mexicans, the ones that prefer to be called "Mestizos" instead of indigenas or Anahuacas.

The recent proof.

In Proceso magazine number 1523 of this month, reporter Alvaro Delgado talks about how after the announcement of Josefina Vazquez Mota, Secretary of Social Development (Sedesol), Martha Sahagun, who is well connected through the Legionarios de Cristo network, chose Ana Teresa Aranda as new secretary of such important Secretary, specially for pueblos indigenas. Is a revange, because Josefina Vazquez Mota, who is also part of El Yunque and her code name is Jenofonte, chose to resign and allied herself with Felipe Calderon, the PAN's presidential candidate. In jelousy, Sahagun appointed Ana Teresa Aranda, a very important member of El Yunque, and other paramilitary Christian organizations. This is so dangerous to the degree that even Josefina Vazquez Mota is afraid of what this woman can do, because during her youth at Christian organization she was involved in arms training and even some unexplained deaths. In summary, the lives of the Mexican poorer sectors are in hands of a crazy White Fascist faction.

There are many fascists involved in todays Mexican government, which control the most important parts of the Mexican life. For instance, the secretary of Work is Franciso Xavier Salazar, code name: Capablanca, and his liutenant is also in the same secretary, subseceraty Gerardo Mosqueda, code name: Beckemans. The same is with Carlos Abascal, Mexio's number 2 in executive branch, secretary of interior. Abascal has opposed many leftist and even indigenous plans to modernize Mexico, joined with Catholic cardinals, bishops and even the pope.

They want to destroy what is left of our culture.

During Vicente Fox's government, any lesson about indigenous history at Secundaria (Middle School), was and still is prohibited by the Federal government. That is, that if I attempt to teach kids around 16 years old about Cuauhtemoc the Great, Netzahualcoyotl, Pakal the Great, or Tariacuri, I am violating the law. The government wants to dissapear indigenous history completely, that's the idea according to SEP. Instead, they are planning to implement Religious education and patriotic values such as worshipping our false Mexican flag, singing our false anthem.

Are we loosing the battle, or is this sign of an awakening?

While indigenistas and chicanos fight each other with non sense, such White Right-Winged groups are destroying our indigenous Nican Tlaca culture. Our Precuauhtemic legacy is at stake! Such evil people has identified their worst nightmare, which for us is the key to liberation and progress: Anahuac.