domingo, enero 08, 2006

Teotihuacan Inc. ?

During the IV round table of Teotihuacan, it was discussed the way the city was organized. According with a new theory by Anthropologist Linda Manzanilla from the Instituto de Investigaciones Antropologicas of the UNAM Teotihuacan was organized in a same manner as today corporations do, instead of having one unique ruler. Instead of being a nation, Mexican Scholars are seriously thinking of Teotihuacan to be a corporation.

"Experts" are always trying to confuse the common people. They call themselves intellectuals, researchers, and Harvard-degree scholars. But they will never understand a culture so alien to their 21st century decadent Western thinking.

¿A corporation? First Spaniards invented that we had "caciques" (caribbean word) "kings" and "queens". Americans say we once had "empires" and "emperors". And now this! In an epoch of Enron, Delta Airlines and Vicente Fox... our ancestors instead of being kings, caciques or emperors were CEOs!

Of course they are wrong again, and we must highlight it or else our culture and history are doomed to become whatever they wish to be. In numerous occasions scholars and Mexican intellectuals bluntly contradict without remorse. They present us our past as a savage place to live, but in the other hand they talk about shiny empires and megalithic kingdoms. Researchers constantly change theories, and the danger we face as descendants of our great Viejos Abuelos, our indigenous ancestors, is that they are bringing up wild and crazy theories that might affect our heritage. If we are now to believe that our great Hñahñu ancestors of Teotihuacan were a corporation, what will be left to stop us from believing the great piramids of Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc (wrongfully named pyramids of the Sun and the Moon by mainstream historians) at Teotihuacan were built by extraterrestrials.

This is not the same as playing to shape political, scientific or economical theories; this is our heritage we have at stake. We can not allow theories or interferences in our heirloom. Our ancestors, the Viejos Abuelos, left us their cities, temples, culture, culinary traditions, spiritual beliefs, scientific advances, and their written history. Such an important legacy was intended for us, to survive the tiranny of time and reach us as a spear in haste. Our ancestors triumphed in defeating time itself, defying its eroding claws of destruction. But there is only one thing left, for us to go back to our roots, to stand one day atop of the magnificent temple of Quetzalcoatl and reclaim it as ours with a loud and clear cry.

I have a dream, a recurrent one though. I anxiously wait the glorious day in which we will retake back what was stolen or buried from us. The day when all Anahuacas, descendants of the precuauhtemic Viejos Abuelos, will fight not for greed nor selfishness, not for glory nor for richness, but for our roots, finally for ourselves. That day will be when we will again possess our sacred temples, our historical stelae, our ancient cities, and our inspiring art which today are referred in a saddly soulless manner as archeological sites and artifacts.

We will once again return the sacred mountains, as once our ancestors called the pyramids, to the people's souls. The day will come. The temples of Teotihuacan, Tikal, Calakmul, Palenque, Cholula, Hill of the Jaguar (Monte Alban), Tula, Xochicalco, Tajin, La Quemada, El Mirador, Izapa, Tingambato, Chichen Itza, Copan, Uxmal, Tonina, Caracol, Naranjo, and Tollan Mexico Tenochtitlan, among others, will never again be kidnapped by the intellectual factions within Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and their foreign friends. The great temples of those cities will be free again. From that day forth, our sacred mountains, commonly known as pyramids, will never again be insulted, profanated, and robbed by the intellectual mercenaries. Nevera again to be controlled by governments, churches, scholars, or powerful moguls. I have the dream that the day will come when again the respected bones of our ancestors will be returned from museums to their respective tombs and burials with equal pomp and dignity. That day will come, I only fear not to witness it. For that I am saddened.

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