sábado, mayo 28, 2005

The sweet of life.

Yesterday I went to see the ending of the six-movies series of Star Wars. Although the day was very good and pleasant, it wasn't because of the movie. I actually enjoyed going out with my girlfriend, which by the way she was so witty and playful. You might know how jelous she can be, but yesterday she played the jelous girlfriend in a funny way, she even liked. The way we joked and laughed made wonder what could happen if yesterday could be repeated forever. If every day would be as good as yesterday, and we could enjoy it everlastingly. But then how could we sense a good day from a bad one, and being able to actually enjoy the good one. What makes a good day being good, above all, or different from others?

Maybe it is as some say: The sweet aint sweet without the sour. Without the knowledge of calamities, sadness, illness and anger in our life, we would never taste the goodness of life. Because once we know the differences, we can actually name a day as being good or bad. As ironically depressing as it sounds, one must live terrible episodes in life in order to know when we actually reach a state of happiness and fullfillment by comparison. The wish of living forever yesterday will undoubtly never be fullfilled, since I must have the usual downs and ups of this we call life.

Everyone has different ways they lived their decisive dark moments, the ones that actually work to compare to. Because as I remembered, how can life have the sweet if one hasn't tasted the cruel sour of it all. In my case it was different. I got to grew without sensing the sour. Therefore, I couldn't tell if I was happy or not, because no sour drove yet to my life. But it did happen. At the year 2003, I had the taste of how sour life can be. I drowned rock bottom swirled by the flames of hell. Roasted my soul was by fear, wounded by the knives of doubt. At my worst moments I was, my mind was slowly crumbling to the tremors of death itself. Yet I rose above gently cushioned by the heavenly clouds. Anxiety dissipated, and hope once returned to my life. Once the fog of doubt yielded, a new path lied in front of me, it was my life. 'Tis was the opportunity given by life itself, the one chance given only in a lifetime. I grasped with overwhelming faith, and took new course of my life. And the rewards came along. The wishes turning into reality. And so came 2004, with more great gifts by the powerful duality. And though I lived another harsh moment, it was only to remember me that nothing lasts forever. Then 2005, not bringing material things but sensibility not bought in this worldly plane.

My girlfriend is a great gift that life gave to my path. And whenever one has good moments, good days, cherish them, seize the moment, because no one here knows for how long will it last. For we just came to this earth in borrowed time. But as small time we own, let us have joy.