lunes, mayo 30, 2005

Whom to blame while Mexico crumbles?

Anatomy of our Enemy.

Everyone knows in the world how Mexico is so rich in history. A millenia-long legacy that strongly defies any other foreign power. Such importance is given to our culture, that the (archeological) Olmecs are considered to be one of the few cradles of civilization. Equal only to those at Middle East, Mohenjo Daro, and so forth. But all the impressive amount of historical, cultural, social and religious data, a mighty heirdom, has forgotten into oblivion. Mexicans won't recognize their own culture, the one emanated from Anahuac, wrongfully taged as Mesoamerica.

People in Mexico are splitted into two main groups for this matter. One, is the tight upper class, surviving remnants of feudalistic New Spain colonial era. The other is the uncultured, TV-oriented, general Mexican inhabitants, usually with so-basic education, hence creating a poor nation.

The upper class has enormous possibilities to achieve intellectual richness. They have access to a wide variety of experiences, letting them know, at least, about the universal cultural existance. Knowing is power, undoubtly. This group does everything it can to prevent knowledge ever to fall into the lower Mexican classes. Although they have the opportunity to learn about the magnificence of our history, and the legacy of what was once Anahuac, they choose not to deal with it so they can not be label "nacos" (modernized form of saying despectively "indio"). They deny themselves the Anahuac culture, and even worst, they prevent to pass it to lower social spheres.

The lower class is the same, and has no excuse. The unique difference they could tell is about the disadvantage of having no money. That is it. They have the guts, the energy, the intelligence, and even the time! But those Mexicans prefer spending their free-time drinking booze or being puppeterily hypnotized by Mexican television (cable, Sky or DirectTv, I might add). By living this soul less life, shallow in a cruel and dangerous society, knowing about our ancient Anahuac history would not cross their minds. Because of their poor education level, they automatically deny their own history. The difference here is that the upper class ignores Anahuac indigneous history by decision, unlike lower Mexican classes that ignore their historical legacy only because of their ignorance. This same ignorance that has served as a tool for building a cultural prison, surrounded by lies and misconceptions and a simplistic idiotic idleness from Mexican universities, scholars, archaeologists, historians, teachers, and so on.

The guilt must not rely on the Spaniards, who came to this our Old World, and burned our historic memory. The guilt is ours. The guilt must heavily and without any compassion fall to all Mexicans, rich or poor, youngsters or senior citizens. Mexicans are guilty to never return to Anahuac, to never go back to our indigenous roots. We are our only enemies. Rich and poor alike with good eyes see proudly others cultures, while they bury their own. Class is not an issue here, all have indigenous blood. But the issue is, when will Anahuac be again reclaimed as our only and grand nation?