jueves, febrero 17, 2005

CIA knows it all, after all.

The Central Intelligence Agency may have glitches here and there, but you can always tell it usually knows what it speaks of. A CIA report given by its director broke all over the Mexican media and news agencies, where the CIA warns Mexico is likely to loose political stability because of the upcoming 2006 Mexican presidential elections. Thus, positioning Mexico with other countries that may erput in such political meltdowns in the coming years, like Cuba, Haiti, Colombia, and Venezuela. This, as you may imagine, made furious attacks from Mexican politicians and even the government. Santiago Creel, Secretary of Interior, told national reporters that the United States shouldn't be nosing around in Mexican affairs.

Yet the problem with Creel, a “presidenciable” (person who is favorite among his party to contend to a presidential race), is that he is capitalizing this attacks against the US in order to gain some popularity from voters by wrapping himself with the flag. This is not the first time he shields an alleged US interference. First, when Secretary of State Condolezza Rice tagged the Mexican border (specifically the Tamaulipas strip between the cities of Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros) as one of the most dangerous places on the planet, warning US citizens to avoid visting it (Like Iraq, Colombia or North Korea). Creel grew angry with Rice's bulleting. Immediately, US Ambassador to Mexico, Tony Garza, sent an infamous letter to Mexican government, questioning the president's capability to attend the border problems at Tamaulipas. Creel again attacked the US. But now with the recent CIA information, not only Creel, but also other presidenciables like Enrique Jackson are defending the “precious motherland”.

What the hell is wrong with these people? First this crooks and murderers who call themselves politicians created this vicious environment we are tangled today, and now they deny it, or worse, can't even percieve it. Yes, the Agency is right on, Mexico is on the verge of something awful. This can be told by any common Mexican, not by fat politicians or paid news anchors. There are rumors of political foul play, and even worse, maybe assasinations or who knows. Day after day, political heat is rising. It is noticeable the clear polarity between the left and the right, never seen in Mexico.

If you think there isn't a chance Mexico might erupt in a Second Revolution, think again. Just remember Atenco, a town took by peasants by blocking highways, naming it autonomous. Remember Chimalhuacan, where two political factions clashed in an all-out battle, where people actually died! Remember Tlahuac, a few months ago, where an angered mob (actually the whole town) captured three feds accusing them of kidnapping, then beating two of them till death at the main plaza. No police dared to enter Tlahuac, Chimalhuacan or Atenco... for the people is rising. And there is nothing the Mexican government can do about it! But, can the US? Having a bad neighbor is annoying, indeed. Will the US take “action” in Mexico? Action as in real action like Haiti, Kosovo, Panama and Granada. Or will it be as in Chile or Iraq in order to install a favourable government?

La CIA tiene suficiente evidencia de que algún problema politico desestabilizador pueda ignitar de aquí al 2006. Claro que el gobierno mexicano lo niega. Pero como es posible que personajes como Santiago Creel or cualquier otro del PRI o PRD niegen la posibilidad de problemas politicas, si estos bandidos fueron los que provocaron el clima enrarecido en Mexico. La gente sabe, la gente comun sabe que algo se avecina. Y la CIA tambien. Los politicos y el gobierno fascista neoliberal que tenemos a cuestas piensan que vivimos en Dinamarca u otro país a toda madre. Pero es Mexico, estamos amoladisimos, y hundidos en el abismo politico, controlados por una partidocracía suprema. El gobierno foxista no tiene recursos para combatir los males que aquejan a este paisucho mal hecho. Pero recordemos que los Estados Unidos sí. Y como cualquier vecino poderoso, puede tomar cartas en el asunto. Y sepan, que la acción que tomará puede ser como en Haiti y Kosovo, o como en Chile e Iraq para imponer un gobierno titere. Ante todo, el pueblo tiene que unirse contra TODOS los partidos politicos, y contra todos los manipuladores como Jorge Castañeda, solo sirven sus intereses bancarios, no los del pueblo y la tierra. ¡Muera el mal gobierno! Mexico mas que nunca tiene que regresar a sus raíces originales, a regresar a sus sistemas politicos y sociales autoctonos e indigenas, destruyendo el imperio occidental que ha hecho ruinas a nuestra patria Anahuac.