domingo, febrero 13, 2005

The Theory of the Unknowable

From all the theories out there trying to explain the “Why” question of our universe and even our multiverse, the probability of having an ultimate theory that may become the answer of the answerable by not having an answer may rise on Cosmology. Many might think that this theory may become a sort of roadblock for anyone trying to find a “yes” or “no” answer, a “0” or “1”. Yet establishing the notion that “not knowing” may become an answer in this universe will without a doubt change the perception of our way of living.

This theory says that apart from having a “yes” or “no” answer, scientists may face (or be facing) questions that are difficult to find an answer. E.g. What is the function of Black Energy? What is Black Energy made of? When scientists struggle to find a logical explanation for a specific problem, this may mean according to the theory that the problem may be “unknowable”.

The unknowable value may count as answer. This results in looking at our universe with different eyes. We may have to realize that aside from having a “yes” or “no” answer, we will have to answer sometimes “it is unknowable”. The theory of the unknowable says that there are things in the universe that are not known, and may never be known. If it is not known, because there is no such knowledge, it is unknowable. At least it us unknowable under this Laws of Physics, in this universe, at this dimensional frequency. And it may have a fatalist consequence... “it” will never be known.

*Is the sky blue on Earth? Answer: Yes!

*Can humans resist alive the vacuum of outer space? Answer: No!

*How is this Universe going to end? Answer: Unknowable!

Could this brand-new theory make scientists and physicists grab an armed gun and simply blow their brains out? ¡Unknowable!