lunes, febrero 14, 2005

Día de San Valentin - February 14th

I couldn't sleep very well today because I had a terrible stomach ache. So woke up pretty late, specially for a Monday morning where everyone rush out to work or school. But today is no ordinary day, today is St. Valentine's Day, where people hug and kiss as if the world would end up tomorrow morning. Anyway, being February 14th, and being totally late for school, I thought I should so something with my girl. Before you start making crazy ideas on your hedious minds, I was referring about doing something nice, something boyfriendish. So I did.

I went to pick her up at her place, and after apologizing for not going to school we went somewhere to take lunch. It was already too damn late to go to that damn university (Universidad Tecnologica) I hate anyway, so it was best to flatter my girl, taking her somewhere nice. Here in Nuevo Laredo is hard to make a decision of which restaurant to go, since there aren't that much places, and we were already feed up with the usual good places. She decided to go to a good restaurant. It was her choice, like I said, I was very much into doing or letting do boyfriendish actions. After all, it's February 14th!

She's working right now, at some famous American brand pizzeria which I'm not telling. You could think, well... what about that?... some Feb. 14th for this poor girl tied with this cheap bastard! Now hold your phone, here's the full St. Valentine's Day 2005 Schedule:

Last Saturday I took her before work to Laredo, Texas, to grab some "Aussie" lunch at Outback, where I had this huge Mad Max burger, and some 'shrooms thingies. After eating, I took Erika to where the car was parked, and told her to close her eyes. Which she did waiting for a suprise. And she had it. While her eyes were closed, I took this long worm or love caterpillar made of plush. When I was carefully putting it on her lap, she got scared because the antennas were moving as if the suprise was alive. She immediately opened her eyes while, and when Erika saw the plushed worm, she hugged it.

Then on Sunday night, after her pizza gig, we went again to Laredo, Texas. This time I took her to the carnival. The carnival dudes always come here to the border on Washington's B-Day. Anyhow, we went there on the outskirts of Laredo, exactly on LIFE downs taking the Corpus Christi road for those who might get some interest out of this story. While we were on the carnival, we ate a turkey leg. Later that same night we went back to the city, and headed for some IHOP coffee. Not for me, I don't drink coffee, I don't believe in coffee, but she does.

So that was it. My adventures with Erika, all for the sake of giving her some notion that I care. Although I know she knows, it is never wrong to show that special somone... "Hey you, I care about you".

Feliz dia de San Valentin a todos aquellos cursis que prefieren pasarse el dia en compañia de ese alguien especial, en vez de venderse ante la mercadotecnia de un mundo decadente.